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Tue Feb 10th, 2015

I think that very few of who are reading this post now have come across something like that before; Doug Price new system! Vortex Trader PRO It's a Forex system that won over 95% of its trades, it rarely loses and when it does, the losses are usually small. It's a Forex system running on a real money account verified by a third party. It's a Forex system that won 48 trades in a row with low risk! It's a Forex system that has won 199 trades and only lost 9 in live trading. I

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Fri Jan 09th, 2015
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​Holidays are now over, we wish you enjoyed yours, it's 2015, it's time to resume work after long enough break for the past 2 weeks. Both of BTC & FAPT2 Premium robots latest versions are now back on track with great promising expectations for the year 2015. Note that the long-term FAP strategy on EURUSD , M1​ won't be active before the coming Jan 7th, which is a normal behavior that shouldn't be a cause for concern while the other

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Tue Dec 30th, 2014
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Any Forex trader Googling the most profiting Forex robot or automated strategy shouldn't limit his concerns to its magnificent live trading results and not to expect it to be Aladdin's lamp that will make him rich in a few hours, days, weeks or even months. As you are reading this post now, I wish you already recognize that using automated trading systems never run this way! However you should take some precautions to secure a long term profitability - which is much safer - before

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Mon Dec 08th, 2014

fAs at the end of every year, just before the next Christmas, many price discounts, attractive announcements and news about Forex robots are published which may yield some benefits if not missed. In this post we will publish the most beneficial announcements and price discounts offered by the authors of the best profiting Forex robots in the market in relation to the upcoming 2015 Christmas. WallStreet Forex Robot 40% OFF The robot developers have announced today the 2015 CHRISTMAS DISCOUNT!

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Sun Dec 07th, 2014

Drawdown periods can infect a generally up equity curve of any stable Forex strategy periodically, which on backtesting seem to be easily manageable but in real trading they usually cause a headache! Depth and Length of a Drawdown Period Beside the definition of drawdown in the previous post it can be also defined as the maximum loss of money that occurred between two equity high points of the same value, measured in percentage of equity. For example, if the Forex account balance reached $10,000

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Sat Nov 29th, 2014

One of the success measures in the business world is to achieve the greatest profits by exposing capital for the least amount of risk. Forex as a business applies this rule that is the main target of Forex robots performance, where profits are estimated by the percentage increase of the starting balance over a period of time and capital risk is estimated by the Drawdown which is simply the percentage between the peek (highest profit) and the trough (lowest profit or highest loss) over the same

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Tue Nov 11th, 2014
About:  InstaForex exclusive, and in conjunction with the InstaForex (Instant Forex Trading) the world wide well known Forex Broker, now you can buy any Forex software or subscribe in Forex service on, keep it active and running and get your money back up to $150 in 24 hours! How This Works? First you have to buy a software or subscribe in a service from among the distinctive varied collection reviewed here in the website, download or activate it and get it fully working

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Fri Oct 24th, 2014

After Volatility Factor EA Team has published NEW CUSTOM Settings recently for their EA which proved to be SAFER and more PROFITABLE. As a new members only feature, Forex Combo System authors have included the latest version 6.0 of well known for its market leadership Volatility Factor EA for a super discounted price, each of the single and full license versions are reduced there by $200 below the regular price in one go, so the prices for the Forex Combo System members will be as follows:

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Wed Oct 08th, 2014
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As announced on behalf of Fapturbo developer team in the previous post BTC FAPTv2.1b Premium Settings For September 2014 and despite the lack of commitment to the announced deadline, the latest FAPTv2.2 Premium is live now, but BTC FAPTv2.2 - the Bitcoin trading version - is still in beta-testing and is expected to be released later in October. This latest version new features makes it a highly sophisticated version compared to the earlier FAPT2 versions, it could generate long-term profits near

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Wed Oct 01st, 2014

Today, FXAutomater; the well know professional Forex software programmer team, have announced their latest and most powerful offer for 2014 year! They have decided to merge their solely sold Forex Robots - WallStreet Forex Robot, Forex Diamond EA and Volatility Factor EA - into cheaper double and triple COMBO packages, with this great offer you can save up to $200 and become a fully premium customer for every sold expert advisor separately! Here are the FXAutomater Combo Pack offers: 1. COMBO

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Thu Sep 11th, 2014
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A few months ago BTC & FAPTv2.1b Premium developers have published a new set of optimized configuration for their brilliant software to their premium customers, we have published the download link for these settings here, the robot with these settings could make important profits, the developers should be proud of such results as they have received many positive unsolicited testimonials from their members and have shared what they think is the best from one of their Premium members: Date:

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Tue Sep 09th, 2014

FXAutomater, the well known team of dedicated investors, active Forex traders and programmers who created a set of intelligent EAs that outperform expectations, have announced today that their new robot Forex Diamond EA has +400 pips profit for September 2014 (for 8 days) giving a solid promise not to be disappointing to its users anymore. Due to the great interest on their Super Summer Promotion, they have decided to extend it just for additional 50 copies of each robots. This is a reminder for

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Fri Aug 08th, 2014
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As BTC & FAPTv2.1b Premium traders confirm that it has been doing well with the recent optimized settings released by the robot developers a couple of months ago. However, queries are sent from many who are still didn't apply the new updated settings on FAPTv2.1b, or even worse, some are still running the very first version of FAPTv2.0 on their accounts! If you were one of them, the robot owners strongly recommend to switch to BTC & FAPTv2.1b Premium while it's now the current

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Tue Aug 05th, 2014

Mark Reid has announced a special update today for Broker Arbitrage. A new version 1.6. If you are not a member yet ... you can sign up here. If you are already a member, to download the new update simply log in to the members area and click the Download link and you will just be installing the new version into MT4. It will be known as Broker Arbitrage 16 instead of 15. This version came with important updates, here are the changes (the manual describes all the settings): Hedge feature: Hedging

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Thu Jul 31st, 2014
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Keltner channel trading was known by professionals decades ago, but a unique twist to this indicator has recently appeared by some brilliant trader that could make him over $112,000 profit in a matter of months. Jared has researched and investigated about answers in Stocks, Binary, and Forex. He discovered a real treasure in that decades old indicator. He could tweak it into a 6 figure trading system; a software that trades the Forex market and cuts through it like butter. You should see his

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