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Tue Jun 30th, 2015

Currency Pair Volatility and Volatility Breakpoints? Currency Pair Volatility is the price change rate of that pair over a certain period of time, expressed as a percentage and calculated using the standard deviation or the variance between returns from that pair. Commonly the higher the volatility, the riskier the market. Here is an example table showing different currency pairs with their price changes and volatility percentage over a period of time: Volatility Breakpoint is that point where

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Sat Jun 06th, 2015
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As a continuation of the refining and improvement of Cyrus EA, the robot developers have announced today the release of the new and most stable version 1.3 build 21 in the members' area, so if you were an existing user of the EA you should update your version now for free and if you weren't, you should take advantage of that opportunity and download the latest promising version of the robot. Updates Applied to the New Version: Some few modifications in the EA logic. Optimization of the

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Wed May 13th, 2015

Mark Larsen, the creator of the widely used and highly profitable automated Forex trading software has just released the latest version 3 of GPS Forex robot, that was developed for a private closed group of traders in the past, and now it's making about 30% profit a month backed up with a live documented 3rd party verified proof. Historical Overview About 4 years ago, Mark has come up with an idea of a robot that can remain stable against the market condition changes and since then it

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Thu May 07th, 2015

After the great success of the last valuable bonus WallStreet ASIA added to the WallStreet Forex Robot new version 5.0, the EA authors have decided to add another powerful bonus without elevating the robot price, it's WallStreet Recovery PRO v1.0, the customer will be able to download and use all of the three Forex Robots just for the price of the main robot, an Amazing 3 IN ONE Offer. The new bonus is identical to the parent WallStreet Forex Robot except for its trade management system;

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Mon May 04th, 2015
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Easily Automate Your Trading Idea In the past, if you had a good trading idea you had to be a good programmer hire a good programmer to create a custom indicator based on that idea, but now you don't need that! Now, you can do it yourself with just a few easy clicks! Using an easy axiomatic interface that can be useful even for professional programmers that need to engage complicated trading rules with a minimum effort. EA Builder is a new intelligent tool that can effectively do that. It

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Wed Apr 15th, 2015
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Today and finally, the legendary Forex Robot FAPTurbo developers have announced the release of the latest version 2.3 of the robot with FAPTurbo Flash as a COMBO offer added to its twin Bitcoin trading robot BTC version 2.3 All In One Package. As was shown in the latest FAPTurbo Developers Webinar, this unique combination of FAPTurbo v2.3 MTS mode and Flash will maximize the profits as never occurred before, from JAN 10th till date they could already yield over $700 K trading all pairs with

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Sat Apr 11th, 2015

We showed in the previous posts how EA Analyzer (EAA) is the most powerful tool among those known to analyze trading strategy and portfolio performance by importing the previously generated backtest of the currently running live trading results and expose them to an advanced process of analysis including periodic performance analysis as by hour, day, day of week, month and more, strategy stagnation time, advanced stats as Sharpe ratio, R Expectancy and more and performance and correlation of a

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Tue Mar 31st, 2015

FXAutomater - the most experienced Forex trader team (for about 12 years) and automated system developers (for about 8 years); the owners and coders of the well known market leading WallStreet Forex Robot, have recently released a new version 5.0 of that amazing robot with a bundle of new interesting features. It comes with a bonus sub-version WallStreet ASIA robot; the Asian session scalper together for the same price of the parent EA, I think that this would be for a limited time that is not

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Sun Mar 22nd, 2015

This is a frequently asked question and this post might give a logic answer! This is not something like EUR/USD on 15-minute timeframe or USD/CHF on daily, it's not that simple, but simple enough to find out! The main obstacle here is that the market is always changing, so if USD/CHF in the past was an excellent trending currency pair, it's not now and another pair has taken its place. There is an easy and powerful ultimate solution that can explore and discover the best trending pairs

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Mon Mar 02nd, 2015

As we all know, risk management would secure our profits on long term, but what if we put risk management rules aside and advanced without it? This is an example: If you have $10,000 and lost $5,000, this is a 50% loss of your account. In other words, this is a 50% drawdown. A drawdown term can be simply understood as the decrease in the starting capital after passing through a series of losses. It's net value can be calculated as the difference between a relative peak minus a relative drop

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Fri Jan 09th, 2015
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​Holidays are now over, we wish you enjoyed yours, it's 2015, it's time to resume work after long enough break for the past 2 weeks. Both of BTC & FAPT2 Premium robots latest versions are now back on track with great promising expectations for the year 2015. Note that the long-term FAP strategy on EURUSD , M1​ won't be active before the coming Jan 7th, which is a normal behavior that shouldn't be a cause for concern while the other

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Tue Dec 30th, 2014
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Any Forex trader Googling the most profiting Forex robot or automated strategy shouldn't limit his concerns to its magnificent live trading results and not to expect it to be Aladdin's lamp that will make him rich in a few hours, days, weeks or even months. As you are reading this post now, I wish you already recognize that using automated trading systems never run this way! However you should take some precautions to secure a long term profitability - which is much safer - before

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Mon Dec 08th, 2014

fAs at the end of every year, just before the next Christmas, many price discounts, attractive announcements and news about Forex robots are published which may yield some benefits if not missed. In this post we will publish the most beneficial announcements and price discounts offered by the authors of the best profiting Forex robots in the market in relation to the upcoming 2015 Christmas. WallStreet Forex Robot 40% OFF The robot developers have announced today the 2015 CHRISTMAS DISCOUNT!

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Sun Dec 07th, 2014

Drawdown periods can infect a generally up equity curve of any stable Forex strategy periodically, which on backtesting seem to be easily manageable but in real trading they usually cause a headache! Depth and Length of a Drawdown Period Beside the definition of drawdown in the previous post it can be also defined as the maximum loss of money that occurred between two equity high points of the same value, measured in percentage of equity. For example, if the Forex account balance reached $10,000

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