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Compatible Brokers
Works with any broker but Forex4you is used by its developers in the live performance testing.

The power and simplicity of inControl trading algorithm enables it to trade many currency pairs easily, officially, the best four of them were picked. The system keeps profits stable on all currency pairs and insure the minimum drawdown for each. This is why it's considered a professional tool that minimizes risks and maximize profits.

Trading Strategy

Hard Drawdown Control

Losing money is what every trader tends to avoid in Forex trading, for that the right Money Management System is needed. Forex inControl EA allows the trader to set the absolute maximum drawdown value manually not to be exceeded what ever happening in the market. This technology automatically sets StopLoss values for every order based on the previously set maximum drawdown value not to be exceeded by the sum of all the trades together.

Trading on 4 Different Pairs

The core algorithm of the Forex inControl EA is so powerful and simple so it can trade different currency pairs, the best 4 of them are officially supported by the EA developers. This variability can guarantee stable profits as tradable pair supports the other keeping the overall drawdown below the maximum set value. This is a high possibility to maximize the profits with minimizing the risks.

Risk / Profit Advanced Handling

Moreover, it gives the trader the ability to set the maximum drawdown value for each currency pair separately so that an advanced control over the profit and risks can be obtained achieving more stable profit at minimal risks.

The robot has a Conservative, Normal and Aggressive styles of trading.

Live Performance Results

The statement below is a broker verified via MyfxBook the well known Forex trading analysis system.


An overview of the below 11 Year backtests of the Forex inControl EA phenomenal results proves that it's really a reliable and stable robot that can stand against all types Forex news and market changes.

EURGBP 12 years from $10,000 to $244,500

EURGBP 12 years from $10,000 to $244,500

USDJPY 11 years from $10,000 to $115,000

USDJPY 11 years from $10,000 to $115,000

AUDUSD 11 years from $10,000 to $98,500

AUDUSD 11 years from $10,000 to $98,500

GBPJPY 11 years from $10,000 to $249,000

GBPJPY 11 years from $10,000 to $249,000

Forex inControl Info Summary

Timeframe: M30

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