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fAs at the end of every year, just before the next Christmas, many price discounts, attractive announcements and news about Forex robots are published which may yield some benefits if not missed. In this post we will publish the most beneficial announcements and price discounts offered by the authors of the best profiting Forex robots in the market in relation to the upcoming 2015 Christmas.

BTC FAPTv2.2 Premium and a new update of  FAPTv2.2 Premium 2014 Results

WallStreet Forex Robot 40% OFF

The robot developers have announced today the 2015 CHRISTMAS DISCOUNT!

Christmas Special Offer of 40% OFF the regular price of the well known profitable Forex robot!
(This will be valid until December 25th)

The robot is among a few number of Forex robots on the market that GENERATES REAL PROFITS and is PROVED by 4 years 3rd party verified forward Real-Money Live statements in addition to 14-year backtests.

  • The 4 Years’ LIVE Proof of successful results makes the robot a unique as there's no older robot with such results on a REAL-MONEY account!.
  • Thousands of Satisfied Traders.
  • Hundreds of Green Reviews and high ratings.
  • Being a Self-Updating Forex Robot makes it a unique too as there is no robot with similar ability till today.

The robot developers are always trying to give their customers the help they need with amazing after sales support service, regular periodic updates and most interesting; a stable income with very low risk level!

They are also constantly updating the PROOF of their Forex robot live performance to reflect its superiority.

You can see How WallStreet Forex Robot generates Real LIVE Profits and Gains Real Money!

WallStreet Forex Robot REAL System | Myfxbook

(Updated MyFxbook Trading Results)

FapTurbo 2.2 2015 Christmas Announcement

The robot developers have announced that latest BTC FAPTv2.2 Premium and a new update of FAPTv2.2 Premium are now available before the Christmas.

Their trading result using the latest BTCv2.2 robot show that it could make a profits sum of $29,400 just on Bitcoin in 2014, which is $14.5k in MTS mode plus $14.9k in Scalper mode! They also ensure that with the latest optimized settings, it seams that the BTC Scalper performance is much more superior to the Medium Term Strategy (MTS) mode performance!

These settings are optimized by the robot developers to ensure maximum profitability for the upcoming winter month! It can be obtained by setting the latest version of the robot to automatically download updates an discussed in this linked to post.

BTC FAPTv2.2 Premium and a new update of  FAPTv2.2 Premium 2014 Results

Volatility Factor EA Christmas 50% OFF

This EA is considered one of the most sophisticated Forex robots in the market. Its authors has announced today the first day of the Christmas special offer 50% OFF its regular price.
(This will be valid until December 25th)

Volatility Factor EA has a characteristics flexibility that allowed its developers to create some new settings that kept the robot performance most satisfying for the previous 4 months creating stable profits with low Drawdown.

Moreover the last 6.0 version of the robot has the Time Management System capability which is greatly favored by the traders using this robot to successfully eliminate the danger periods.

You can also check multiple MyFxbook live performance statements in the Volatility Factor EA Review page.

Forex Combo System Members Exclusive Discounts

If you've purchased a copy of Forex Combo System, then you are a candidate for it's members area exclusive offers!
(These will be valid until December 31st)

FxAutomater, the owner company of this system has added new discounted offers in its members area for extra-licenses of the system itself and for some other Forex robots owned by the company too:

Note that this post will be updated whenever a new announcement or price discount related to the upcoming 2015 Christmas is published by the authors and developers of Forex robots themselves.

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