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Sat Apr 11th, 2015

We showed in the previous posts how EA Analyzer (EAA) is the most powerful tool among those known to analyze trading strategy and portfolio performance by importing the previously generated backtest of the currently running live trading results and expose them to an advanced process of analysis including periodic performance analysis as by hour, day, day of week, month and more, strategy stagnation time, advanced stats as Sharpe ratio, R Expectancy and more and performance and correlation of a

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Thu Jul 24th, 2014

Announcing EA Analyzer version 3 First of all, I'd like to announce that EA Analyzer have released a new version 3 of the indispensable tool. This is a major release including many new features - one of the most important of them is extendability - by which you can extend your EA Analyzer to use your own What-If, Equity Control or Monte Carlo methods. Why with equity control the results are better? With equity control functionality you can simulate and test different methods that use equity

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Fri Apr 11th, 2014

EA Analyzer - EAA - is an easy to use tool that can import your MetaTrader4 backtest or trading reports and compute significant advanced statistics that are mentioned later in this post. Strategyquant EA Analyzer Pro is an ideal solution for both junior and expert traders who seek a new solid tee. To get involved you need to perform few simple steps, so even if you are not an expert, you can easily be familiar with the formula. Lots of traders have already been using it and almost none of them

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