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Mon Apr 15th, 2013
About:  FAPTurbo

It's been long since the last update by fapturbo authors about their EA. but the huge BANG they came back with now worth this period of absence !

They have just unveiled their first GRID trading robot Fapturbo: Revolution !

It's making more than 10x profits a day!

A high-velocity Trade Bot! $755,172 Pure profit on GPB/USD


FAP Revolution Pure profit on GPB/USD


FAP Revolution Pure profit on USD/CAD

After months of tests, tuning and setup, have now to show this version to the world, and is of course free for Fapturbo members!

This EA was developed by Fapturbo team as a special, trading strategy replacement to their leader FapTurbo variants. FAP Revolution is a "Fap-On-Steroids" Safe grid-based Forex robot, which is a very unique and much more profitable trading style of the original Long-term FAP Scalping strategy. It's totally different and independent the premier FapTurbo versions, so please don't confuse both.

Actually it makes up to 10 trades per day and more, gaining much money!

You can read the instructions here to know how to set it up and enjoy the absolutely stunning profits !

Fapturbo first launch was years ago and with this HUGE refinement you will go through a new dimension of moneymaking !

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