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Mon Dec 08th, 2014

fAs at the end of every year, just before the next Christmas, many price discounts, attractive announcements and news about Forex robots are published which may yield some benefits if not missed. In this post we will publish the most beneficial announcements and price discounts offered by the authors of the best profiting Forex robots in the market in relation to the upcoming 2015 Christmas. WallStreet Forex Robot 40% OFF The robot developers have announced today the 2015 CHRISTMAS DISCOUNT!

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Tue Apr 01st, 2014

Omni Forex is an automated Forex system that analyzes the Forex market activity on historic basis to find out the main currency pairs real-time trading opportunities. It has a professional IT and financial mathematicians team that worked on this project for years to produce such intelligent Forex trading solution. Omni Forex Trading Strategies You can choose your preferred trading strategy depending on your available timeframe and desired trading style. Intraday: 3 to 6 closed trades a day.

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