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Thu Sep 11th, 2014
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A few months ago BTC & FAPTv2.1b Premium developers have published a new set of optimized configuration for their brilliant software to their premium customers, we have published the download link for these settings here, the robot with these settings could make important profits, the developers should be proud of such results as they have received many positive unsolicited testimonials from their members and have shared what they think is the best from one of their Premium members: Date:

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Tue Sep 09th, 2014

FXAutomater, the well known team of dedicated investors, active Forex traders and programmers who created a set of intelligent EAs that outperform expectations, have announced today that their new robot Forex Diamond EA has +400 pips profit for September 2014 (for 8 days) giving a solid promise not to be disappointing to its users anymore. Due to the great interest on their Super Summer Promotion, they have decided to extend it just for additional 50 copies of each robots. This is a reminder for

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Fri Aug 08th, 2014
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As BTC & FAPTv2.1b Premium traders confirm that it has been doing well with the recent optimized settings released by the robot developers a couple of months ago. However, queries are sent from many who are still didn't apply the new updated settings on FAPTv2.1b, or even worse, some are still running the very first version of FAPTv2.0 on their accounts! If you were one of them, the robot owners strongly recommend to switch to BTC & FAPTv2.1b Premium while it's now the current

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Thu Jul 31st, 2014
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Keltner channel trading was known by professionals decades ago, but a unique twist to this indicator has recently appeared by some brilliant trader that could make him over $112,000 profit in a matter of months. Jared has researched and investigated about answers in Stocks, Binary, and Forex. He discovered a real treasure in that decades old indicator. He could tweak it into a 6 figure trading system; a software that trades the Forex market and cuts through it like butter. You should see his

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Thu Jul 24th, 2014

Announcing EA Analyzer version 3 First of all, I'd like to announce that EA Analyzer have released a new version 3 of the indispensable tool. This is a major release including many new features - one of the most important of them is extendability - by which you can extend your EA Analyzer to use your own What-If, Equity Control or Monte Carlo methods. Why with equity control the results are better? With equity control functionality you can simulate and test different methods that use equity

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Tue Jun 24th, 2014
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This is the latest members update for Fapturbo2 licenses released by the robot authors to their customers The long-time Premium members won't feel surprised by such update as the authors never rest when it comes to improving and refining the performance of FapTurbo robots, while they exploit these updates to keep their followers informed by the latest developments. What is the new settings importance for maximizing the profits? As it's well known, the markets are always in a state of

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Mon Jun 23rd, 2014

Classical grid systems are a major threat to your account and usually considered as the worst, but this system with preset max orders number provides you with real-time on-screen information on how risky it's trading, you can run even one trade if you'd prefer that. This is a rare system compared with those filling the market nowadays, you will rapidly gain firm confidence in it by time while it's adding regular gains into your account. As a continuation of the periodic promotion ...

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Sat Jun 14th, 2014

As is the case with WallStreet Forex Robot,the latest FXautomater popular EA (Forex Diamond EA) is on their 2014 summer discount schedule. The reduction this year is really significant and reaches 35% of the regular price. The new prices will be as follows: Single License: $195 (regular price is $299). Full License: $299 (regular price is $399) . The robot was first launcehed at the beginning of the current year and has made incredible profits for its users since then. Good luck and successful ...

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Thu Jun 12th, 2014

WallStreet Forex Robot is one of the most solid and harmonious Forex robots on the market. It was first launched more than 3 years ago, since then and till now, it is gathering many new happy followers. FXautomater, the robot owner company always endeavors to provide to its customers pleasant surprises during the summer periods - this year is on the list. They are announcing their robot in a cut-price sale with nearly 40% for a limited period of time. The new prices will be as follows: Single

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Mon Jun 09th, 2014

As Forex Megadroid went live, it has rocked the Forex industry as was predicted ... Some powerful facts about the robot are already known but what was revealed recently simply raised the bar quite a few levels ... As a start, PERFORMANCE 2009-13: 6,894.36% (1068 days) 2008: 623.47% 2007: 612.91% 2006: 333.05% 2005: 810.70% The previous years results are displayed here as well: Forex Megadroid Backtests BREAKING 1,000% In 2014 This amazing forex robot is on its way to break the 1,000% net profit

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