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Fri Apr 11th, 2014

EA Analyzer - EAA - is an easy to use tool that can import your MetaTrader4 backtest or trading reports and compute significant advanced statistics that are mentioned later in this post. Strategyquant EA Analyzer Pro is an ideal solution for both junior and expert traders who seek a new solid tee. To get involved you need to perform few simple steps, so even if you are not an expert, you can easily be familiar with the formula. Lots of traders have already been using it and almost none of them

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Tue Apr 08th, 2014

It's the 3-Year Anniversary of WallStreet Forex Robot and its authors thought to use the occasion to help you! They are slashing the price by whole 35% Here are the new prices: WallStreet Forex Robot Single License: $195 (regular price $299) WallStreet Forex Robot Full License: $319 (regular price $489) We also plan to offer only 50 copies at the reduced prices. ==> WallStreet Forex Robot Homepage It is a "REAL" scarcity - they will take off the 35% offer the moment the 50th

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Sun Apr 06th, 2014

As a Forex trading beginner, you may think that you need to reed as much as you can to enrich your knowledge and get a successful business, while this could be true, reading Forex trading books alone would give you just a minimum idea about a complicated Forex trading career, moreover, you may find those books hardly understood and get bored quickly as the majority of the Forex books out there are written for professionals and can't help beginners. The same is for the huge number of videos

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Tue Apr 01st, 2014

Omni Forex is an automated Forex system that analyzes the Forex market activity on historic basis to find out the main currency pairs real-time trading opportunities. It has a professional IT and financial mathematicians team that worked on this project for years to produce such intelligent Forex trading solution. Omni Forex Trading Strategies You can choose your preferred trading strategy depending on your available timeframe and desired trading style. Intraday: 3 to 6 closed trades a day.

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Fri Mar 21st, 2014
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As most of you know, FapTurbo 2.0 authors never stopped the quest to improve and advance their fantastic EA or even decelerate a bit. Bitcoin prices are facing important regression these days coinciding with MtGox Co.​ request for bankruptcy​ and shutdown last month in addition to the EA preferred brokers switch to the new BTCUSD feeds, all these factors have necessitated the re-evaluation of this BTC robot by its developers to ensure it's still

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Mon Mar 17th, 2014

Today Forex Diamond EA authors have declared an amazing WINTER SALE Offer. Forex Diamond EA prices will get discounted ONLY for the next 7 days (from 17th March to 23th March). Here are the new prices: Forex Diamond EA Single License - $239 - $60 OFF (Regular Price: $299) Forex Diamond EA Full License - $339 - $60 OFF (Regular Price: $399) NOTE: Forex Diamond EA Full License is an upsell. You can only buy it if you have already purchased the Single License. ...

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Sun Mar 02nd, 2014

The United States Copyright Office has registered a brand-new and unparalleled technology. It's Forex Striker ! Click Here To Verify The Patent A so powerful technology that its authors claim to be able to generate an average of 9214% on your deposit per year ! If that was true, you will be able to turn $500 into more than $46,000, the authors also strongly confirm that this has truly occurred, in live trading, not just during backtesting ! Now let your imagination describe how much could

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Tue Feb 25th, 2014

Today WallStreet Forex Robot owners have started the interesting 2014 WINTER SALE Promotion, so that the prices of WallStreet Forex Robot will be discounted for the period from 25th February to 10th March. Here are the new prices: - WallStreet Forex Robot Single License - $239 ($60 DISCOUNT - Regular Price: $299) - WallStreet Forex Robot Full License - $389 ($100 DISCOUNT - Regular Price: $489) Remember that this promotions will END at 10th March!

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Sun Jan 19th, 2014

The thing is that you may have purchased one yourself or got a friend who tried and lost his forex account ... The point is that the programmers of such scripts are grubbing quick buck. They sell you an expired script that May was - And only MAY WAS - a profitable product in the past. No updates … No news … They don't provide you except with rubbish spam mail trying obtain more of your hard earned money … And the cycle continues. There is, however, a beam of light at the

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