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Refund policy
60 day Money back guarantee.
The complete broker arbitrage system plus free lifetime updates.
NFA compliance
Full customer support via Skype and email.
Compatible Brokers
EXTRA Guarantee
Double point refund guarantee plus 365 day profit guarantee or your money back, plus $100 and a free license.

The software will run smoothly on your own computer, laptop or VPS (Virtual Private Server), no high tech hardware is required, the minimum recommended starting balance is $550 - $1000 while you can start with as low as $100, it has an average trading rate of about one trade per day and as there might be a few days with no trades there might be a single day with multiple trades too, if you wanted to test it on a demo account first you can, then when you are ready switch to LIVE.

This Forex robot has proficiently resolved the issues that cause all other arbitrage trading systems to just fail where they run perfectly on demo accounts but once they are switched to run on live account, great losses predominate.


Using arbitrage trading strategy, Broker Arbitrage detects the ideal trade opportunity points for 7 different of currency pairs.

It's not a scalper

Despite opening trades up fast they are not performed so rapidly preventing broker failures provided that the trades execution is purposeful and closing them out is done exactly at the right moment.

It's not a grid trading robot

It determines a definite stop loss and take profit which are not so low, and trades are not left with more trades opening as the case with grid trading, so no issues with brokers not closing the trade properly or intended trades failing to profit can exist.

It also has a special trailing stop technology that maximizes and locks in profits.


Risk in essence is less than 4-5% as it is distributed among multiple currencies making it rarely if not impossible to lose on all of the trades, while using small accounts makes hovering negative trades opened caused by the broker spread significantly less.

Forward Tests

BrokerArbitrage | Myfxbook

Mar 19, 2014
Deutsche Trading
Account Type
Starting Balance
BrokerArbitrage | Myfxbook

FXBlue - Stats for brokerarbitrage

Mar 24, 2014
Deutsche Trading
Account Type
Real (USD)
Starting Balance
FXBlue - Stats for brokerarbitrage

Bottom Line

Why arbitrage trading systems FAIL?

  • The broker slips (slippage) your trades causing profit loss and may be money loss.
  • The require two live MT4 broker accounts, either price feed could be unreliable or untested.
  • Not tested for a reasonable period on live and demo accounts using multiple currency pairs.

Why Broker Arbitrage is a successful arbitrage trading system?

  • Broker slippage is detected by this Forex robot and rapidly it adapts to it while using a safer stop loss, take profit and trailing stop to minimize the risk other similar systems have.
  • It's 2 MT4 based broker price feeds independent, it separates them with two platforms and seeks reliable data from the other one and works with the free provided Global Trade Station and Metatrader 4; the risk is alleviated by the use of two different platforms.
  • It has been thouroughly tested on live accounts and is set to sun on real money and multiple currency pairs.

Broker Arbitrage Info Summary

Version Used: 16
Timeframe: M1

Rating: 4.79/5 (425 vote(s) cast)

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