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One, Two or Three Real Accounts According to the Version You've Purchased.
Broker / VPS
Can Run with Any Forex Broker (You've to Send Your Broker Name to the Developer After Purchase) of 5 - 4 Decimal Points, Better if it Allows Trading in Both Directions (Buy and Sell) Simultaneously with Max Count of Trades Per One Pair >= 34. We Recommend Installing it on AccuWebHosting VPS and Using it on a Tickmill ECN Pro or Classic Accounts for the Best Stability and Profitability.
Account Recommendations
A Minimum Balance of $10,000 for Classic or $100 for Cent Accounts with Max Lot Size >= 1.0, Min Lot of 0.01 and Leverage of 1:1000, 1:500 (MineSweeper EA can be Compiled to other Leverage Values by the Developer on Request) is Recommended (You've to Send Your Account Number to the Developer After Purchase).
User Manual
How to install Instructions are included.
Reliable Professional Support is Provided by the EA Developers Team.
Setting Files are Included with the EA File.
Refund Policy
60 Day Money Back Guarantee is Offered by the EA Vendor.
You have to send your account number and broker name to the vendor after purchasing the EA to refine its settings and compile it to be ready for your broker and account, then he'll send it with the setting files to you.

Trading Strategy

Multiple trading strategies are engaged into one another, the starting strategy is basically back Martingale for the first 3 - 4 orders, then depending on spread / steps, basic Martingale joins to increase Lot and win more profits.
After 7 - 8 - 9 orders, MineSweeper EA starts to minimize the risk of trend going so far.
The EA can also work with fixed Lot size. Limiting Lot size depends on the account balance (10,000 Lots with Max Lot Size of 1.0 are recommended by the developer).
The user is able to close orders opened by the EA at anytime, this option is not enabled by default and needs to be enabled in the EA settings.

Economical News

They significantly affect the market behavior and so the EA performance especially Wednesday news, so it's strongly recommended to close all the opened orders before Wednesday until Thursday for safety.
If the account balance is good enough and can withstand the impacts of the news on Wednesday, it's recommended to risk a little and keep the orders opened as they can then generate important profits.

Verified Live Performance Statements

Minesweeper EUR/NZD System by Minesweeper | Myfxbook

Jun 29, 2016
Account Type
Starting Balance
Minesweeper EUR/NZD System by Minesweeper | Myfxbook

Promotional Video (by the Developer)

MineSweeper EA Info Summary

Version Used: 1.08
Timeframe: M1, M5 and M15 (Other Timeframes are Supported Too)

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