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Scalp Trader PRO primary goal is to keep your account secure with low risk while it is still making really satisfying profits.

Trading Strategy

Why Scalp Trader PRO Wins While Other Scalpers Lose?

  1. Trading Frequency: It's well known that many scalpers are high frequency trading robots, and this can cause a loss of control and expose the account to high risk, Scalp Trader PRO maintains a safe and controlled trading frequency.
  2. Profit Lock Algorithm: Scalp Trader PRO uses this unique algorithm to prevent turning winning trades into losing ones, its composed of certain indicators and calculation to determine the most suitable times to lock in profits.
  3. Sophisticated Exit Technology: Some scalpers have no stop loss or too high stop loss. A prophylactic realistic Stop Loss is set by the Scalp Trader PRO but never applied before the earlier more profitable exit chances. 
  4. Minor Slippage Problem: Many scalpers trade stop loss and take profit are very tight and this leads the system to succumb to minor slippage by the broker that slips the trades or has too high spreads turning the trades that should be profitable into losing trades, Scalp Trader PRO trade exits are high enough not to cause that problem.
  5. Controlled Trading Environment: Scalp Trader PRO trades only during specific volatilities, conditions and price action positions, NEVER randomly but based on precise calculations to determine entries and exits.

3rd Party Verified Real Account Trading Results

Scalp Trader PRO System by scalptraderpro | Myfxbook

Mar 23, 2015
Synergy FX
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Starting Balance
Scalp Trader PRO System by scalptraderpro | Myfxbook


99% quality (the highest available) tick data 10 year backtests:

EUR/USD 10 Years

EUR/USD 10 Years

EUR/USD 5 Years

EUR/USD 5 Years

Bottom Line

What Scalp Trader PRO Avoids in Order to be  a Successful Scalper:

  • It avoids high risk trades that can hardly harm your account.
  • It avoids grid trading.
  • It avoids martingale trading.
  • It avoids unreasonable high stops.
  • It avoids long periods of trades exposure.

Other Advantages of Scalp Trader PRO as an Automated System:

  • Being an automated trading in itself, removes emotion from trading, these emotions can be a great obstacle against winning.
  • Relatively short trade periods that on average last for less than a day.
  • Quickly ceasing losses by using a dynamic stop loss.
  • Filtering out bad opportunities and engaging only into successful ones.
  • Latency with no trades during certain periods of time.

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Scalp Trader PRO Info Summary

Pairs: EUR/USD
Timeframe: M15

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