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Thu Nov 10th, 2016
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Today, RoboForex has introduced, StrategyQuant, the well-known Forex trading robots and strategies designer on their official website for their traders for FREE. EA Wizard Web Platform has a desktop version that enables its user to create, backtest, and optimize Forex trading robots for MetaTrader4 terminal even if he has no programming skills at all.

Get EA Wizard and StrategyQuant For FREE with RoboForex

Beginners in algorithmic trading are better to use EA Wizard, while more experienced traders can try the desktop version of StrategyQuant. To get these tools for FREE via RoboForex, you have to:

  1. Open a Live Account.
  2. Deposit your account with:
    $500 USD to get EA Wizard for FREE.
    $1,000 USD to get StrategyQuant for FREE.
  3. Send a request in no particular format to
  4. Get access to StrategyQuant products and start working!

RoboForex are organizing for an educational interactive webinar about StrategyQuant products, everyone is invited to join:

10.11.2016 18:00 (UTC+3). Build your MT4 Robot in 5 Minutes Without Programming Skills.

You can also read more about StrategyQuant products and how to activate them on "StrategyQuant, Trading Robots Constructor".

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Get EA Wizard and StrategyQuant For FREE with RoboForex  

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