About: Fapturbo 2.0
BTC and FAPTv2.1b Premium has been doing well in 2014 over the past couple of months, since when the new optimized settings were applied from June'14 onwards, download them with a PDF guide included

Mark Reid has announced a special update today for Broker Arbitrage version 1.6 that came with important changes; Hedge feature, Max Trade Attempts and Stop Loss / Take Profit Control

About: KeltnerPRO
Keltner channel trading was known by professionals decades ago, but a unique twist to this indicator has recently appeared; KeltnerPRO

About: EA Analyzer
A major release including many new features; one of the most important of them is extendability, by which you can extend your EA Analyzer to use your own Equity Control or Monte Carlo methods

About: Fapturbo 2.0
The authors never rest when it comes to improving and refining the performance of FapTurbo robots, while they exploit these updates to keep their followers informed by the latest developments

As a continuation of the periodic promotion policy FXAutomater - the EA owner company - used to apply, it's starting today the 2014 Volatility Factor EA Summer Promotion

The latest FXautomater popular EA (Forex Diamond EA) is on their 2014 summer discount schedule. The reduction this year is really significant and reaches 35% of the regular price

Mark Reid - the Broker Arbitrage author - has declared two announcements today, one is favored and the other is not good

FXautomater, the robot owner company always endeavors to provide to its customers pleasant surprises during the summer periods. They are announcing their robot in a cut-price sale with nearly 40%

It's another exciting trading battle by Broker Arbitrage in about 10 minutes, it sweep nearly $6,000 into an account. No LUCK is involved in this and this is repeating frequently

That's just less than 3 months trading profit, this deserves serious attention. In the most successful legal investment, you could earn up to 10% a year

Forex Megadroid has rocked the Forex industry as was predicted, Some powerful facts about it are already known but what was revealed recently simply raised the bar quite a few levels

By monitoring two price feeds at once, it's able to surreptitiously detect the great trade opportunities. Mark Reid obligingly decided to tell us everything about his own system

Forex Megadroid is expected to achieve a new record in Forex trading, a record that has not been reached in over 21 years

For good reason, If you are serious about not to miss any pip of the EUR/USD market, then the Omega Trend EA is the ideal tool.
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