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Sun Mar 13th, 2016
1 Real and 1 Demo Account
Support & Updates
24/7 Support + Life-time Updates
Comaptible Brokers
All (including US based ones)
Minimum Balance
$500 is recommended and better for micro lot supported accounts; 0.01 lots for instance
Trading Frequency
A few trades per day (depending on market conditions)
Money Back Guarantee

Trading Strategy

Added to being a fully automated, adaptable and customizable, a user friendly and a compatible Forex robot with all broker and account types including US based ones, Forex Trend Hunter has many other useful features the most interesting of which are:

  • An integrated well developed account and money management system.
  • A built-in sophisticated loss recovery system.
  • Protection system against inequitable brokers trying to deceive.
  • High profitability as it could exceed 300 pips in one trade.

Live Trading Performance Results

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Forex Trend Hunter - GBPJPY System by automatedfxtools | Myfxbook

Oct 08, 2015
Alpari RU
Account Type
Starting Balance
Forex Trend Hunter - GBPJPY System by automatedfxtools | Myfxbook


Long-term profitability exceeding 1500 pips average per year for 12 years on the three supported currency pairs.

EUR/JPY 2000 to 2011

EUR/JPY 2000 to 2011

GBP/JPY 2000 to 2011

GBP/JPY 2000 to 2011

EUR/USD 2000 to 2011

EUR/USD 2000 to 2011

Bottom Line

Forex Trend Hunter is a trend following, long term profiting, and not an Asian scalper Forex robot, so it trades regardless of the broker trading conditions or spread widening.

Economically, compared to the majority of Forex robots available in the market nowadays, Forex Trend Hunter is of low affordable price, and beside being available as a limited demo version for downloading before buying the fully functioning version, this can encourage traders who seek a low risk investment to get started with no delay!

Forex Trend Hunter Info Summary

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