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Sun Mar 02nd, 2014

The United States Copyright Office has registered a brand-new and unparalleled technology. It's Forex Striker ! Click Here To Verify The Patent A so powerful technology that its authors claim to be able to generate an average of 9214% on your deposit per year ! If that was true, you will be able to turn $500 into more than $46,000, the authors also strongly confirm that this has truly occurred, in live trading, not just during backtesting ! Now let your imagination describe how much could

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Sat Jan 18th, 2014

Forex Striker has put an end to the scammers and Photoshop tricks. The EA developers are providing the real investor access to their live account ! You can login and verify, all live, no tricks, no gimmicks ! Step 1: Open a Myfxchoice account and download MT4. Step 2: Login as investor Login: 15371 Investor password: forexpa1 Server: FXChoice-Live Step 3: Verify the trades and start your own trading ! This is an undeniable PROOF for Forex Striker robot. Note: On Testing, We Found That This

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