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Tue Feb 13th, 2018

At previous short period of 2018, WallStreet 2.0 Evolution with its bonus robots WallStreet ASIA and WallStreet Recovery PRO continue to prove that they are the best forex robots on the market. Just some statistics: FxAutomater, the EA creators combined account earned +1001 pips starting from Jan 1st, 2018 (with Holidays exclusion of course)! MyfxBook Verified Results are here to check the live trading performance: WallStreet Forex Robots All System by forexwallstreet | Myfxbook Alpari Forex &

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Sun May 28th, 2017

Backtesting a Forex robot or a trading strategy is to test its performance to get gives an idea about how it could react with the market in the past and if that reaction and performance was good, it should theoretically continue that in the future, hence the importance of backtesting is non-ignorable! To backtest, you must have saved tick data to your computer commonly obtained either via MT4 history center or Dukascopy, the historical data are free and you can get it easily via MT4 as we will

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Thu Nov 03rd, 2016

FxAutomater, the best reputed and most trusted EA provider on the market who are still supporting all of their products, one of which was first released 7 years ago. They have just released their most sophisticated EA they've ever developed WallStreet 2.0 Evolution, it included a game changing tool “Broker Spy Module”, it's the first of its kind that can expose unethical brokers, it'll be an invaluable tool for every trader. The best of WallStreet Forex Robot logic is

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Fri Oct 02nd, 2015

FXAutomater, the developers of the WallStreet Forex Robot, the well known widely used Forex robot among the most professional Forex traders over many years until now, have just published the new 1.4 version of their latest released WallStreet ASIA, and it's now available for download in their member area for all of their customers. They have added to this new version one new parameter and a have fixed one problem that appeared in the previous one: The New Added Parameter MaxDailyRange This

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Thu May 07th, 2015

After the great success of the last valuable bonus WallStreet ASIA added to the WallStreet Forex Robot new version 5.0, the EA authors have decided to add another powerful bonus without elevating the robot price, it's WallStreet Recovery PRO v1.0, the customer will be able to download and use all of the three Forex Robots just for the price of the main robot, an Amazing 3 IN ONE Offer. The new bonus is identical to the parent WallStreet Forex Robot except for its trade management system;

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Tue Mar 31st, 2015

FXAutomater - the most experienced Forex trader team (for about 12 years) and automated system developers (for about 8 years); the owners and coders of the well known market leading WallStreet Forex Robot, have recently released a new version 5.0 of that amazing robot with a bundle of new interesting features. It comes with a bonus sub-version WallStreet ASIA robot; the Asian session scalper together for the same price of the parent EA, I think that this would be for a limited time that is not

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Thu Jun 12th, 2014

WallStreet Forex Robot is one of the most solid and harmonious Forex robots on the market. It was first launched more than 3 years ago, since then and till now, it is gathering many new happy followers. FXautomater, the robot owner company always endeavors to provide to its customers pleasant surprises during the summer periods - this year is on the list. They are announcing their robot in a cut-price sale with nearly 40% for a limited period of time. The new prices will be as follows: Single

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Tue Apr 08th, 2014

It's the 3-Year Anniversary of WallStreet Forex Robot and its authors thought to use the occasion to help you! They are slashing the price by whole 35% Here are the new prices: WallStreet Forex Robot Single License: $195 (regular price $299) WallStreet Forex Robot Full License: $319 (regular price $489) We also plan to offer only 50 copies at the reduced prices. ==> WallStreet Forex Robot Homepage It is a "REAL" scarcity - they will take off the 35% offer the moment the 50th

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Tue Feb 25th, 2014

Today WallStreet Forex Robot owners have started the interesting 2014 WINTER SALE Promotion, so that the prices of WallStreet Forex Robot will be discounted for the period from 25th February to 10th March. Here are the new prices: - WallStreet Forex Robot Single License - $239 ($60 DISCOUNT - Regular Price: $299) - WallStreet Forex Robot Full License - $389 ($100 DISCOUNT - Regular Price: $489) Remember that this promotions will END at 10th March!

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Mon Dec 02nd, 2013

Today, WallStreet Forex Robot authors are declaring a big 2014 CHRISTMAS DISCOUNT! Christmas Special Offer - 25% OFF Limited offer, valid until December 25th, so don't miss it. - WallStreet Forex Robot Single License: $299 (-25%) ==> $229 - WallStreet Forex Robot Full License: $489 (-25%) ==> $369 (- OUR $50 COUPON) ==> $319 This is a REAL CHANCE! (Note that our $50 Coupon Code is valid until December 31st, 2013). WallStreet Forex Robot is one of the few REAL PROFITS GENERATING

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Thu Jul 25th, 2013

Today Wallstreet Forex Robot authors have announced that their current promotion that gives a free copy of Omega Trend Indicator with every purchase of the EA has been ended. However, they decided to release a new special and more valuable summer promotion! The prices of Wallstreet Forex Robot itself licenses will be discounted as follows: - Wallstreet Forex Robot Single License: $299 ==> $249 - Wallstreet Forex Robot Full License: $489 ==> $399 This is also a limited-time offer! will

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Mon Jul 08th, 2013

Forex trading was never so safe, since the Wallstreet Forex Robot alternative settings came live. The EA authors are announcing that they are very proud of the stable results provided by the EUR33 and GBP30 alternative settings. Click Here to check the results of the REAL-MONEY account! The idea for the alternative settings was so admired by Wallstreet Forex Robot clients and most of them trade exactly with these settings. You mostly will also be interested in these safer and profitable

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Wed Apr 24th, 2013

It's the 2-Year Anniversary for Wallstreet Forex Robot and the EA authors are slashing the price by 35% and offering an Additional Settings (a hole new section "Alternative Settings" in the Member Area) that will give you more profitable trading sessions. Basically you are getting more for your money. They also plan to only offer 50 copies at the reduced price. ==> This is a short-term promotion. With the new trading settings - Wallstreet Forex Robot

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