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Wed Jun 04th, 2014

This will be brief. It seems that the remaining Omega Trend EA left copies will be sold out soon, they are being snapped up left and right. For good reason. If you are serious about not to miss any pip of the EUR/USD market, then the Omega Trend EA is the ideal tool. Omega Trend EA Official Website Cogent factors support this; Every session involves a profitable trend that may last from 5 minutes to the entire session span. While the trend is existing, there is money to be made if you just

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Fri May 30th, 2014

A popular Forex forum has announced the release of the new Omega Trend EA software today in a thread by the forum admin. A group of specialized traders in the EUR/USD market are involved in that thread and are pretty excited. Most of them have already downloaded Omega Trend EA and commended what they've seen so far. They assert that no other trend-following EA in the market is far like Omega Trend EA. Here's why they said that: Omega Trend EA live trading performance has been evaluated

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Tue May 27th, 2014

In point of fact, using a trend/counter-trend EA tool you are very likely losing 10-15 pips per trade. Unrealistic but true! Here's how to this is happening! The majority of EA's are not set to deal with the sharp action in volatile markets – particularly with EUR/USD pair trading. In that case, the EA trend signals are sent too late – this costs you money. Then, the new trendline will take too long to be predicted by the EA's algorithm – this wastes time and causes

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Sat May 24th, 2014

The Forex trading tool industry is a hyper-competitive and cutthroat world and include a lot of hype too. Everyone promises the moon, even when he knows very well he cannot possibly deliver. Rarely may you have seen anything that could get you as excited as you'd be about Omega Trend EA. What's interesting about Omega Trend EA? First, Omega Trend EA is specifically coded just for the GBP/USD and EUR/USD pairs; the two most volatile pairs in the Forex market. It works by using the pair

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