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Sat Dec 21st, 2013

I'm sure you've heard about Mark Larsen, a well known forex trader who spent the last 6 years reviewing and beta testing various Forex systems, HUNDREDS of popular Forex systems. Clearly, he has not only seen them all, but also tested them all!

And as Mark is considered an expert in the industry so when he talks, I listen!

A webinar with Mark and his partner Antony, has just been completed two days ago and it was AWESOME.
In the webinar Mark and Antony shared their success secrets and answered questions about their new GPS Forex Robot that is being released TODAY!

They have recorded everything, you can watch the recording of this mind-blowing mastermind session here:
Watch the Recorded Webinar


This is the only forex system with a verified live trading proof for 1 year (an entire 12 months)!

We all know how manic the markets have been in 2010 and this EA not only reined the horse, but it also TRIPLED the investment along the way!

But don't just follow my words. Click the link below to see the broker-authenticated proof:
GPS Forex Robot Proof

And for more assurance, Mark's phone number is here for you to call and listen to the webinar recordings right now and get all of your questions answered:
GPS Forex Robot Author Voicemail

Now that's what's called audacious! Giving out his own phone number to thousands of people?! Just proves that these guys are backing their product 100%!

P.S. Don't forget to review the broker authenticated 1 year live test ! The system works like a glamor. As a GPS navigator in your car, it detects the short term market movement with 99% probability!

P.P.S. Mark and guys are releasing only 723 copies and this is not a lack trick here, trust me. You can see a live counter on the GPS Forex Robot Official Website and it is going down rapidly. Once it reaches zero it will be replaced by the SOLD OUT sign.

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