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Thu Apr 19th, 2018

A new opportunity is now available at RoboMarkets, traders can now trade CFDs on Crypto-Currencies, like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.

  • CFD on 6 Crypto-Currencies.
  • Trading 24/7.
  • On MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, R Trader.

RoboMarkets Crypto-Currencies

BTCUSD (Bitcoin vs U.S. Dollar)

Bitcoin is the first known and most popular digital currency in the world.

ETHUSD (Ethereum vs U.S. Dollar)

Ethereum is an opened blockchain platform for making non-central web services. Ether is the exchange units of the platform.

XRPUSD (Ripple vs U.S. Dollar)

Ripple is a Crypto-Currency platform for payment systems operating in foreign exchange without return payments.

BCHUSD (Bitcoin Cash vs U.S. Dollar)

Bitcoin Cash is a fork of bitcoin created as a result of the difference in opinions on bitcoin's scalability.

DSHUSD (Dash vs U.S. Dollar)

Dash is a blockchain-based Crypto-Currency payment system, that uses advanced transactions technology.

LTCUSD (Litecoin vs U.S. Dollar)

Litecoin is another fork of bitcoin in the form of peer-to-peer payment system, which uses the Crypto-Currency with the same name.

RoboMarkets Accounts that trade Crypto-Currencies

ECN-Pro accounts

These accounts are designed for the most experienced traders who prefer comfortable trading conditions with tight spreads.

R Treader

It's an account on the new generation multi-asset platform with access to more than 8,700 trading instruments.


It's the most popular account type at RoboMarkets and is suitable for traders with different trading experiences on the currency market.

Prime accounts

These accounts are intended for professional traders, who prefer optimal trading conditions with lowest spreads.

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