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Wed Nov 21st, 2018

All of the Forex robots designed and owned by Automated Forex Tools are discounted with 50% OFF from the regular price until 23rd November, 2018. Here are the special Black Friday prices: Dynamic Pro Scalper: $44 (regular price $89) Forex Pulse Detector: $39 (regular price $79) Forex Trend Hunter: $34 (regular price $69) Forex Profit Defender: $34 (regular price $69) Forex Impulse Trader: $34 (regular price $69) Forex Trade Cleaner: $19 (regular price $39) It's now the best time to upgrade

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Mon Dec 25th, 2017

Automated Forex Tools team has announced the new year 40% Discount from the regular price on all of their Forex robots including Forex Trend Hunter, Forex Pulse Detector, Dynamic Pro Scalper, Forex Profit Defender and Forex Trade Cleaner to celebrate the new year and holidays. This Special Promotion surprise will be VALID UNTIL the 5th of January, 2018. So the new discounted prices will be as follow: Forex Trend Hunter: $42 (was $69). Forex Pulse Detector: $48 (was $79). Dynamic Pro Scalper: $54

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Tue Nov 21st, 2017

Automated Forex Tools has launched 2017 Black Friday Crazy Discount of 50% for all its popular and profitable Forex Robots including Forex Pulse Detector, Forex Trend Hunter, Dynamic Pro Scalper and Forex Profit Defender. This sale starts at 00:00 am on November 22nd! ending at 23:59 pm on November 26th So the New Prices will be as Follows: Forex Pulse Detector -50% OFF => $39 (Regular Price: $79) Forex Trend Hunter -50% OFF => $34 (Regular Price: $69) Dynamic Pro Scalper -50% OFF => $

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