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Tue Jun 30th, 2015

Currency Pair Volatility and Volatility Breakpoints?

Currency Pair Volatility is the price change rate of that pair over a certain period of time, expressed as a percentage and calculated using the standard deviation or the variance between returns from that pair. Commonly the higher the volatility, the riskier the market. Here is an example table showing different currency pairs with their price changes and volatility percentage over a period of time:

Volatility Breakpoint is that point where the current market volatility breaks to continue with a new volatility percentage, knowing the position of that point on the chart can make a lot of profits.

What is Trading with the Smart Money?

Market experienced trades use an almost surefire trading strategy that enables them to gain large profits from high volatility currency pairs.

This strategy is described as "following the money" and it's so simple based on waiting for and recognition of a "volatility breakpoint", then harvesting a series of profitable trades will be so easy.

The software they use that can detect and take advantage of such gainful breakpoints is their secret for the success of that strategy.

Forex Trend Detector, the Secret Revealed

Recently, the developer team of on of the most famous and successful Forex robot FxAutomater, who were the cause of many success stories of traders that used their WallStreet Forex Robot over many years, have released Forex Trend Detector EA.

This EA can let its user to trade Forex as a Pro with minimal or even no previous experience in trading with incredible profits, it has a breath taking power!

You can read more about it here:

Forex Trend Detector

Where you can be among the first group of traders to Trade with the Smart Money.

To keep their customers comfortable, the vendors of that EA are offering a 60-Day Unconditioned Money-Back Guarantee.

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