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Thu May 29th, 2014

Watch Mark Larsen recorded webinar concerning GPS Forex Robot 2

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What's New in the GPS Forex Robot 2

  • After complex optimizing, the run speed of the new GPS Forex Robot is four times greater than the older one.
  • Can trade a new pair, GBPUSD that wasn't in the former version.
  • The safety and profitability of the new GPS Forex Robot 2 are doubled.
  • If necessary, a trailing Take Profit can be used in the new version.
  • In the new version of the GPS Forex Robot you can change all the primary parameters and fully set it to your own trading style.
  • The GPS Robot can find the closest settings to perfection depending on the current market situation and use it in real trading.

Check up more interesting features at:

GPS Forex Robot 2 Official Website

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