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Sun May 25th, 2014
About:  EA Wizard

Now, Mark Fric is creating a profitable EURUSD breakout strategy in EA Wizard just in 5 minutes, without any programming:

Files from video (free download)

Every Forex trader aspiring to be profitable tests his strategies on real market first before he starts applying them for trading. This testing can be performed manually, but now you can save much time by automatically testing your ideas.

EA Wizard is for new and non-programmer traders

If you aren't programming friendly, you may don't be able to afford to always pay for somebody to code your EA for you - and then code every refining or new idea into it.

EA Wizard enables you to gain total control, by creating your own trading system, and then also easily develop or improve it to be a perfect tool.

Someone may be telling you what works and what doesn't and try to

Also, if someone is telling you what works and trying to persuade you to own their automated trading system as it is the newest and best thing ever, now you don't have to follow these talks, as you can create your very own one.

You can now put your own trading under your full control and tweak your own automated trading system.

EA Wizard is for experienced traders

StrategyQuant EA Wizard is also of great value for experienced and professional Forex traders. If you always in need for automating your trading system, you can now do this without hiring some programmer for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

And you won't concern for the final product back from some outsourced programmer whether it would work or not!

You will have the facility to easily build your own automated system, with your own profitable strategies that you manually follow now in its core. Over time, StrategyQuant EA Wizard will expand your free time and you'll be able to gain more experience by testing new and other profitable trading systems to gain even more money from your trading.

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