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Fri Oct 23rd, 2015

After the release of Forex Trend Detector, it had some bad luck until yesterday when the drawdown was fully compensated in one single amazing profitable day.

And as a result, it has ascended the Top Forex Robots rank from 21 up to 17, just yesterday! I guess that the traders using it are now celebrating and waiting for gains resumption in the next week!

Forex Trend Detector Amazing Day

During the sudden EURUSD slump of yesterday, The EA could generate +664 pips in 14 trades - a sum of more than $930 pure profit on the MyfxBook verified Real Money Account.

Forex Trend Detector doesn't trade frequently, but when it captures a big market move, it can make spectacular profits.

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Suriya Puikame
Sat Apr 09th, 2016

It can run with some brokers.Forex Trend Detector

Forex Robot Reviews
Sat Apr 09th, 2016

Yes, the the EA is compatible with currency trading rules and regulations and can run with any broker including NFA regulated brokers

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