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Thu May 22nd, 2014
About:  EA Wizard

Expert Advisors are coded by a programming language named MQL. If you have a trading idea, you'd to be a skillful programmer to create your own Expert Advisor. Not anymore!
With EA Wizard, non-programmers are can easily turn their trading strategies into Forex robots themselves!

Here is Mark Fric, the wizard author is making an EMA cross strategy in EA Wizard just in 2 minutes, without any programming:

File in the video (free download)

StrategyQuant EA Wizard features:

  • Builds any EA for MetaTrader4 as the easiest way to convert your trading idea into a complete EA for testing and real trading.
  • Test your trading strategy on real market data and timely estimate its profitability.
  • Create a Trading Signals Alerts Indicator to notify you about trading signal by sound alert or email message.
  • Easily design Expert Advisors trading multiple currencies and on multiple timeframes, custom indicators, email warnings, trading time filters, and money management options.
  • Save any strategy as a MT4 Expert Advisor with full source code!

Do you want to quickly build a new EA, with least effort and no programming puzzles, StrategyQuant EA Wizard is the simplest and the most powerful available trading strategies editor, it's now possible, thanks to EA Wizard, to convert any idea into an EA and immediately test its profitability.

Don't miss to know the full features of EA Wizard!

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