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Thu Dec 14th, 2017

Socks, ties and books are memorarily linked to the Christmas time. It's coming, why not to link other useful things that can change the afterward entire life?

StrategyQuant has arranged a unique celebration this year for that. They are offering their Intensive Algorithm Course completely FREE of charge, which regularily costs $990.

In this course, there is:

  • 45 lessons explaining how to build profitable automated trading strategies.
  • Everything is discussed in details step by step.
  • Exploring how to select only the most profitable strategies based on self testing.
  • Exploring how to build a portfolio of the highest quality strategies.
  • Discussion forum membership where any question can be asked directly to the StrategyQuant Experts.
  • Ready to use Time-proven strategies portfolio.

Additional $200 bonus on the StrategyQuant license, which helps easily building strategies without the need for minimal programming knowledge.

PS: $990 Worth Free Course + $ 200 discount for StrategyQuant will be valid only till next Friday, the 22nd of December 2017!

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