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Sat Jun 06th, 2015
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As a continuation of the refining and improvement of Cyrus EA, the robot developers have announced today the release of the new and most stable version 1.3 build 21 in the members' area, so if you were an existing user of the EA you should update your version now for free and if you weren't, you should take advantage of that opportunity and download the latest promising version of the robot.

Updates Applied to the New Version:

  • Some few modifications in the EA logic.
  • Optimization of the source code.
  • Important improvements to the protection system.
  • Fixing a previous bug with the EA logging.

Live Performance

Don't forget to check out the EA's 3rd party verified live performance statements:

Cyrus EA GBPUSD-EURUSD System by FxSolutionsINC | MyfxbookCyrus EA AgressiveTrade GBPUSD-EURUSD System by FxSolutionsINC | Myfxbook

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