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Wed Oct 08th, 2014
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As announced on behalf of Fapturbo developer team in the previous post BTC FAPTv2.1b Premium Settings For September 2014 and despite the lack of commitment to the announced deadline, the latest FAPTv2.2 Premium is live now, but BTC FAPTv2.2 - the Bitcoin trading version - is still in beta-testing and is expected to be released later in October.

This latest version new features makes it a highly sophisticated version compared to the earlier FAPT2 versions, it could generate long-term profits near +$60,000 through all pairs starting from Jan'10 till now while keeping its medium-term profits better that ever before exceeding $28k just over this year 2014; here is a list of the new features in the latest version:

The latest FAPTv2.2 Premium New Features List

Automatically Download And Apply The Best MTS Settings From Its Official Server

This is the main feature of this version by setting the new parameter DownloadLatestMTSsettings to TRUE which is the default value which if set to FALSE, it will make the robot run in legacy Scalper mode described below. In the previous versions you had to wait for the release of new optimized settings by the software developers, download and apply them on your running version manually, this won't be necessary in this version as all you have to do is to restart your MT4 abd the robot will perform these steps automatically packed with a fail-safe mechanism through which it backs up the last successfully run settings to be retrieved and reapplied if the automated update process failed for any reason.

MTS + Legacy Scalper Modes

The scalper mode that was the most basic trading behavior level of the legacy FAPT Premium versions; the base core of the recent FAPT2 series, is now available in the latest 2.2 version. Its default settings are the same regardless of which pair its trading. You can apply this mode by switching DownloadLatestMTSsettings to FALSE, the best pair for it is EURUSD on M1 and this is its historical data backtest results:

+$10k Legacy Scalper Profit on EURUSD, M1 (Jan'10 to Sept'14)

Fapturbo v2.2 MTS + Legacy Scalper Mode

The very latest optimized MTS settings will be the default trading mode of the robot if DownloadLatestMTSsettings was left set to TRUE, while the legacy Scalper mode will be applied if that parameter was set to FALSE.

Trailing Stop

A TrailingStop option is now incorporated in the latest version along with the Breakeven feature that fastens potential profits grabbing by the robot as soon as it's in its sight and keep profitable trades from turning into losses if the market condition was turning against a favorable trading direction. This is detailed in the robot manual.

Improved Profit/Loss Ratios

Best Tradable Pairs:

The most stable and safest currency pair to trade on with FAPT is still EUR/CHF.

The best other pairs now are BITCOIN (BTCUSD), GBPCHF, EURGBP, USDCHF and EURUSD or GBPUSD.

The newly added successfully traded on pairs are USDCAD & EURCHF.

BTC & FAPTv2.2 Premium Performance Results with the Latest Optimized MTS Settings:

Fapturbo v2.2 Table

FAPTv2.2 Premium Installation Notes

If you choose to trade through one of the Fapturbo preferred brokers FxChoice or Tallinex, a clean re-installation of their latest MT4s with latest FAPTv2.2 Premium robot pre-installed is recommended and if you already using a previous FAPTv2 robot version you need to clear it out first as follows:

  • In the MT4, click File ⇒ Open Data Folder and navigate into MQL4 and then Experts.
  • Clear out any .ex4 file of a previous FAPT2 robot (v2.0 or v2.1b) from this MQL4 Experts sub-folder (Keep BTC FAPTv2.1 Premium for Bitcoin).

Then over write the existing MT4 with a new installation of the latest station downloaded from the broker's website, if these steps were successfully performed, you'll then find the latest FAPTv2.2 Premium in Expert Advisors list of the MT4 after being restarted.

FAPTv2.2 Premium Support

If you got troubles installing &/or upgrading to this version you can email the the robot Premium tech support at, or if you have a general issue or query send it to, they usually reply within 24-48 hours, repeated emails are not required.

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