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Fri Jan 09th, 2015
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​Holidays are now over, we wish you enjoyed yours, it's 2015, it's time to resume work after long enough break for the past 2 weeks.

Both of BTC & FAPT2 Premium robots latest versions are now back on track with great promising expectations for the year 2015.

Note that the long-term FAP strategy on EURUSD , M1​ won't be active before the coming Jan 7th, which is a normal behavior that shouldn't be a cause for concern while the other Medium-term and Scalper strategies will engage into trading on the recommended Forex pairs as usual!

The 1st FapTurbo Hosted Live Webinar in 5 Years is Coming Soon

Today FapTurbo authors have announced that they'd be hosting their first live webinar in the past 5 years later this month only for their FapTurbo Premium members, the exact date will be announced soon.

For FapTurbo, 2014 was such interesting year with many ups & downs, but the robot could brilliantly overcome obstacles thanks to its developers constant timely updates for BTC & FAPTv2.2 Premium especially the most resent one earlier in Dec 2014.

And like 2014, this year will be full of more exciting developments lined up by the robot developers along with many live events like the upcoming live webinar, all are just for Premium members!

Update JAN 14th 2015

Alex and Paul - the well known Fapturbo developers - will be live with you in this webinar.

It'll be on 15th Jan 2015, they have confirmed seriously that there will be no repeats, it's just one!

You can ask them questions not only about their legendary Forex robot, but also on their expectations for the Forex market in 2015 and how to make success in the future during it.

They've promised to show their followers' EXACT system by which they could generate more than $46,937 profit, and the way you could do that yourself too! Simply, their success fine secrets will be revealed to you, so you can easily mimic it.

But I'm afraid that there will be a lake in the available seats for attendees, they will be so limited, only 100 spots!

So, you should act quickly not to miss this important event!

Some of what you could get answers for during this webinar beside any other question you might have:

  • I was Scammed previously! Is there any chances to succeed?
  • I lost my money in Forex previously! Why could this WORK?
  • Is any special knowledge needed to make real success in Forex?
  • What could be the best trading settings for 2015?
  • Can I really make $46,937 profit as you said? Exactly, what to do?
  • Prove that this system is really working! Give me a real Guarantee!

I think that this webinar will be filled in minutes, due to its TIME-SENSITIVE nature!

Attend LIVE, or miss it forever!

Update JAN 16th 2015

Yesterday, it was performed, such a fantastic webinar with full details, exact systems, trends & settings from the developers themselves!

Additional webinars will be hosted by Fapturbo 2 developers later in the next few weeks, all will be announced here!

This is a recorded video of yesterday's webinar for those who missed the live event!

FapTurbo 2 Official Website

Download the Webinar Slides

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